Rent an online classroom


We offer you 3 options for renting an online classroom:

A classroom that can hold up to 100 participants

A classroom that can hold up to 500 participants

A classroom that can hold up to 3,000 participants


Suitable for people with knowhow in holding an online lecture


What does renting the GoToWebinar system give you?


Webinar rental services:

·        The use of the GoToWebinar system, suitable for use by up to 1,000
 (which can be expanded to serve up to 3,000 participants).

·        A registration form in the webinar system.
You supply the content and images of the logo and the lecturer, and we do the rest.

·        Bringing the lecturer into the classroom about an hour before the webinar and testing  the system
to make sure everything is in good working order.

·        Sending reports within 24 hours.

·        Sending a recording of the webinar via JumboMail within 24 hours.

The reports include:

·        The list of people who registered for the webinar.

·        The list of people who actually participated in the webinar.

·        The questions that were asked during the webinar.


Rental of a webinar system is for a total of 3 hours.

A surcharge will be attached to every additional hour.

Payment is by credit card or bank transfer before the start of work.


Please note:

  • Rental of the webinar system depends on availability, which will be checked before the service contract is signed.
  • We recommend that you connect to the webinar classroom as the manager from a second computer, so that you are not cut off from the system in case the primary computer malfunctions during the broadcast.
  • When renting the system without a full support package, the renter will have no right to claims regarding system malfunctions before, during, and/or after the webinar.
  • The webinar classroom opens about half an hour before the broadcast. After running the audio and visual tests of the lecturer and his/her presentation, the webinar is the sole responsibility of the renter.
  • Other services can be provided by prior arrangement.

Best of luck!

I hereby invite you to contact me for a fair and attractive offer.

Mobile phone: 972-52-4892900


Option of renting classrooms for up to 100/500 participants
at special prices!
Suitable for lectures, workshops, and other meetings