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Declaration of accessibility - Webinar Services

The WebinarService website presents a wealth of information about the services the company offers, such as: accompanying webinars, web conferences, creating web courses and more.

The website is presented in Hebrew and English, in order to create a perfect surfing experience for surfers in Israel and around the world.

We consider it very important to create a surfing experience that is as good and easy as possible for the surfing public.

Our goal in making the site accessible is to create equal opportunities in the Internet space for people with diverse disabilities and people who use various assistive technologies when surfing the Internet.

Therefore, we have invested efforts to achieve this goal and we make every effort to ensure that the site meets the accepted standard in Israel and is accessible to people with disabilities and respond to any inquiries professionally and quickly.

The site was made as accessible as possible in accordance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments to the Service) Regulations, 2013.

The site serves as an explanation for the activities of webinar services and online conferences.

If you have difficulty browsing the site, and would like to announce the lack of accessibility adjustments, or request accessibility or if you would like to draw our attention to any issue in the field, you can contact us and we will do our best to fix the problem.

You can contact us using the contact form on the website.

In order for us to deal with the problem in the maximum way please write to us:

What problem did you encounter?

What action did you try to take?

What page did you browse?

Which browser did you use?

After dealing with the problem we will update you.

You can also contact Bella Evron via email

Or by cell phone: 972-52-4892900