Just show me how and I’ll figure it out!

Practical instruction accompanied by a presentation
and precise explanations bringing you our many years
of experience in holding webinars

An easygoing training program that will give the confidence
you need to give your webinar on your own


What does our webinar training include?

Coordinating the online training. No need to leave your house or office!

Checking the integrity of the equipment: computer and camera.

Theoretical training using a presentation.

Practical training: presenting a PPT, using the camera, taking participant surveys, and more.

And, most importantly, practice! 

This is necessary to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to hold your webinar on your own.

Duration of training: about one hour.

Option of having up to 3 people receive the training simultaneously.

After the training ends, a recording of it is sent to the participants.


Option of uploading the recording to the internet.

I hereby invite you to contact me for a fair and attractive offer.

Mobile phone: 972-52-4892900


Option of renting classrooms for up to 100/500 participants
at special prices!
Suitable for lectures, workshops, and other meetings