Breakdown of services in the full service package

  • The broadcast is live. The lecturer has at his/her disposal a microphone, a camera, and the option of making a Power Point presentation, or just a microphone and a camera.
  • Participants may ask questions by typing them into a chat window and receive answers during the live broadcast.
  • The lecturer can share his/her screen with the participants, so that what the lecturer sees is what the participants see (possibility for PPT and camera).
  • The presenter can open his/her webcam so that participants can receive a video feed while viewing the PPT.
  • Options: Participants don’t have to download any software to participate in the webinar. One click and the webinar opens in their browser.
  • The webinar is recorded, and the recording (video file) will be sent within 24 hours of the end of the webinar. The file contains everything: camera, PPT, and sound. The file is an unedited mp4 file.
  • At the end of the webinar, the client receives an Excel file that includes the actual participants and how much time each one spent in the webinar, the questions asked during the webinar, and the list of people who registered.
  • Payment is submitted ahead of time. Payment for a webinar event does not depend on the number of participants.
  • You will be able to consult and rely on our knowledge to boost your confidence in the process.
  • Management of the entire event from beginning to end.
  • Recommendations on the use of the webinar system’s features to ensure participants’ interaction and involvement in the session.
  • Option of receiving a custom tailored webinar registration form in Hebrew.
  • Training, testing, and preparing the lecturer/presenter once before the webinar.
  • Hosting the webinar on our system. You don’t have to purchase any software.
  • Operating the webinar system during the session.
  • Providing technical support to the webinar participants and also to the lecturer during the session.
  • Option of tracking how the registrants came to the webinar – from your Facebook, email, or website. The data will appear in the concluding reports.
  • Training another presentation leader together with the primary presenter.
  • Option of receiving additional training for NIS 250 + VAT per hour (such as editing the recording, coordinating with presenters, and training other presenters).

Below is the order in which the actions will be taken:

Initial consultations (up to 30 minutes)

  • Coordinating the date and time
  • Discussing goals and expectations
  • Assigning roles
  • Going over the content to include on the registrations sheet

Review with the team (up to 60 minutes)

  • Checking broadcast equipment and internet connection
  • Instructions for presenter: dress, lighting, camera
  • Training presenter and team on use of the system
  • Doing a wet run
  • Coordinating schedule

Support before the session (30 minutes ahead of time)

  • Helping team members connect
  • Checking sound and camera
  • Refreshing presenter’s grasp of operating system
  • Refreshing the plan determined during the review
  • Providing technical help to participants

Webinar live broadcast (60 minutes)

  • Beginning the event with a presentation for the participants
  • Answering team members’ questions via WhatsApp/phone
  • Supporting and supervising the event from a technical standpoint
  • Responding to participants by chat regarding technical issues
  • Recording the webinar

Important tip to know

How to conduct yourself in front of a webinar camera

It’s important to make sure you look alert and well-groomed to the observers, both to make a good impression and so as not to draw their attention away from the webinar’s main purpose – the lecture being given.

In checking your appearance, make sure your hair is neat and your clothing in good repair. When it comes to body language during the lecture, avoid scratching your head, face, and body, because this draws attention away from your words.

Before starting the webinar

Go to the bathroom and drink a glass of water.

Keep a glass of water next to you during the session in case you get thirsty.

When speaking, smile slightly. This renders your voice more pleasant to listen to.

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